Which handbag to bring to a job interview?

Published: September 10th, 2009

handbag-to bring-to-interview

When you are going to a job interview it is important to carefully consider all aspects of your outfit and your appearance, and your handbag is no exception to that rule. You should put as much thought into the type of handbag you carry at a job interview as you do into the rest of your interview outfit; in other words, it is important to remember when you are picking out an outfit to wear to a job interview that you need to carry an appropriate handbag as part of your outfit.

The most important part of choosing the handbag that you will carry at your job interview is considering the needs of the job. If you are interviewing for a non-office position such as working as a waitress or behind a counter, then you will want to select a handbag that is simple and professional looking. You should carry a purse that appears grown up and professional while still looking sleek and stylish. Your handbag should never draw overt attention at a job interview; instead, your interviewers should be dazzled by your charm and work experience. The handbag that you bring to these types of interviews should be classy but understated–your handbag should send the message that you are well put together but not too flashy.

However, there are some job interviews where you way want to avoid carrying a handbag at all. In some cases you will probably want to substitute a briefcase for a handbag. For instance, if you are interviewing for a job in the law or finance sectors you may want to carry a professional looking leather briefcase at your job interviews. Because these are high powered office jobs, you will want to project an air of professionalism at all times, and a suitcase will go further in promoting this image than even the most carefully selected handbag would.

However, while selecting the right handbag for your job interview is important, the way you carry your handbag may prove to be the most important factor in landing the job. Remember to carry yourself with pride and confidence, and your handbag may never be a concern at all.


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