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Like other vintage products, vintage handbags are quite expensive and have great aesthetic value.
Before buying one you should know the difference between a used handbag and a vintage handbag. Always buy vintage handbags from reputable dealers only.

What to know when buying Vintage Handbags

Vintage handbags are definitely a great way of showing off your impeccable sense of fine things and fashion that can be a hot topic for discussion at any party. For this you would firstly need to know that the dealer you are buying from is honest and fair and has an untarnished reputation. Vintage handbags will have some sort of wear and tear but it should not be extreme or should not require restoration or repair immediately on purchase or it would not be worth it. Furthermore, although the repairs may not be evidently visible, repairing does bring down the market value of the vintage handbag. Before buying, understand the product. The value of vintage handbags is based on different factors like the popularity of the brand (past as well as present) and the workmanship and of course the age of the bag. Through vintage handbags you are actually trying to buy a piece of history and ingenuity like the bag may be the first ever clasping mechanism used on a designer bag (although it may not be in a good working condition when you are buying it). The price of a vintage handbag may range from a few hundred dollars to several thousands depending on the external condition, design uniqueness, adornments (beads or stones), craftsmanship, age and material of the bag. A few of the prominent ones are the colonial print tote of 1970s, hippie style shoulder strap leather tote bag, brocade knitting bag of 1950s with wooden handles and the like.

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