It is not hard to recognize the importance of purses in today’s era, and they may seem like a trend of recent centuries.
However, purses have been around for as long as recorded history and were often referred to as pouches or bags.

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Designed to carry materials of importance, purses represented more that just a bag to sport around important goods in. During the 14th century, purses were attached to girdles that went along the waist. The more a purse was decorated in jewels and embroidery, the higher the economic status of the person.
As centuries passed, purses took on a more practical use and style. They became larger and were worn across the shoulder. Purses then became a fashion trend during the 1900’s. Different versions of the traditional purse were born, including the introduction of the handbag. In recent times, purse trends have changed quite a bit. At times, it’s important for purses to match outfits perfectly, and at times it’s quite the opposite.
One of the biggest trends for the traditional purse has been the popularity with designer handbags. These purses carry around names of well-known designers and are made with the best quality materials. Although expensive, designer purses are built well and made to last. Designer purses often come in leather, making each one unique.
The role of purses today is a need for practical, yet trendy places to carry around important, everyday items. They continue to match a variety of individual needs and personality using colours, textures, and styles.

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