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Evening bags are a fashion statement on their own. They are not just there to keep all the stuff in one place but can actually accessorize your whole ensemble.
That is the reason every season along with new designs in clothing, fashion houses also come out with newer designs in evening bags.

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Evening bags are first believed to have started in 13th century when the ladies used them as coin purses and kept them hidden discreetly in their waistbands. Styled like pouches these were made from thick embroidered fabric and went perfectly well with the pocket-less elaborate dress of the by-gone era. Its popularity increased as it became the right item to show off the women folks sewing skills and the bags were crocheted in animal and fruit shapes. Later in the 18th century, the evening bag was used to store social status symbols like perfumes, fans, coins and was made in bigger sizes. Gradually the evening bag gained significance as a fashion symbol. These handcrafted elegant evening bags were viewed as symbols of affluence. Ornate bags were direct translation of the extra time women had to create them, relating to extra help they had at home. The evening bags finally came of age in the industrial era when they were mass produced. However the element of fashion always remained attached to it as can be seen from the 60s Go Go bags and the Disco gold leather bags of the 70s. Some of the known designer names attached to the evening bag are Gucci, Andre Courreges, Couture, Christian Dior, Badgley Mischka and Chanel amongst others.

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