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The main difference between a day bag and a travel bag is the weight which comes from the material used to make the bag. Day bags are thinner and lighter and carry a single board.
Day bags fit into a travel bag like padding. Day bags are essentially used for sightseeing or other small trips. They should be designed to carry all the essentials without weighing you down.

What to know when buying Day Bags

Day bags, like their travel counterparts are made from tarpaulin and nylon but of a thinner quality. Tarpaulin is to protect from sun and heat and make the bag long lasting. Nylon makes the bag more durable. Foam of about 5mm width is used. Shoulder straps make carrying the day bag easier and are favourites amongst backpackers. Preferably choose a day bag that has several pockets and of different sizes so that you can keep specific things in them making it easy to find when you want something. There should also be pockets on the inside with a zipper facility so that you can store important things like your license, money, passport, travelers’ checks and credit cards away from prying eyes. Day bags are available in different styles. A men’s style is normally bigger and bulkier, more like backpacks with pockets on the side for water bottles. Ladies day bags are smaller and less bulky and can carry only a few important things. They have travel-focused compartments like padded pockets for electronic items, zip pockets for precious items, slots for pen, key fob, quick grab pockets with a zipper on the front and backside where you can keep maps and coins. Fleece lined pockets to store eyewear on the inside and audio portals are the styles of the 20th century.

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