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Metallic handbags have been popular for several seasons with silver reigning high over gold.
Be it bold and shimmery or subtly matted, silver handbags have been seen on celebrities and on the runway presented by such names such as Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and Gucci.

What to know when buying Silver Handbags

Adding a touch of silver adds a touch of class. Carrying a silver clutch with the little black dress completes the elegant dinner date outfit. The same clutch with a vibrantly coloured dress makes for an awesome night on the town ensemble. Pairing a silver handbag with a solid pantsuit turns the effect from conservative chic to trendy radical. The beauty of the silver handbag is that it has the ability to transform even a clearance rack outfit rock star worthy, pop princess acceptable or business casual.

Despite the brand name status and the glamorous presentation, silver handbags have stepped off the runway and into the streets. No longer are silver accessories restricted to events that call for glamour. Every girl deserves to be a princess wherever she goes, including work and even the grocery store. Several designers have released silver totes, satchels, and hobo bags that compliment jeans and sweatshirts. Do not be afraid to shimmer during any hour of the day.

Keep in mind that less is more when adding a silver handbag to your collection. If the outfit already has enough glam of its own, pairing it with an additional metallic piece will be overkill. Opt for a solid outfit of any colour. Think of the silver handbag as the single shining star that turns you into one.

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