Tony Perotti

Tony Perotti started his family leather goods business over thirty-nine years ago.

His Italian leather goods, specifically his handbags, are becoming increasingly popular in today’s society.

What to know when buying Tony Perotti

Being environmentally aware, Perotti works with Vera Pelle tanneries, which specialize in Italian vegetable-tanned leather methods, which do not harm the environment.

Using an age-old process to finish the leather on his handbags, Perotti uses vegetable dyes, which are eco-friendly and add a distinct look to his bags.
His handbags have fine finish leather, which sometimes is hand ironed in order to display the natural grains of the leather.

Perotti bags are also available in many colours, although one will see an assortment of browns, tans and blacks. Their classic, but contemporary design, makes these handbags very appealing, but also practical. Their product line offers a variety of handbags. From laptop totes to the classic shoulder bag style, the needs of the customer are in mind while designing this quality bags.

Perotti bags are quite functional as well. The exterior of many bags have pockets that close with a zipper or another sort of closure, in order to make it even easier to locate what you need quickly. The interior is aligned with many pockets, some zipped and some open to hold one’s necessities and to keep one’s belongings in place. In addition, some handbags have zippered dividers. This makes it quite easy to get what one needs quickly without rummaging through the bag. As one can see, Perotti bags are quite stylish but also extremely functional.

Owning a Perotti bag, makes a statement that one does not have to harm the environment to be fashionable.

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