Established in 1986, Saddler offers their quality handbags at a price that everyone can afford.
They have been in the leather goods industry for over 100 years under their previous name Blair Accessories.

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Because of these many years of experience in the leather industry, it is easy to understand how their handbags have stood the test of time. With their contemporary design, Saddler handbags appeal to women all over the world.

Their handbags are available in an assortment of leather finishes and colours as well. The leather is smooth and soft and the shades of the leather are just beautiful.

The attention to detail on Saddler handbags displays the high quality craftsmanship that is put into the making of each bag. Both the insides and the outsides of most Saddler handbags are made from genuine leather. The exterior of some the handbags are adorned with metal studs zippers, and small buckles.

Some bags even have small metal studs that align the bottom of the handbag to prevent scuffing. The interior of the bags has both open and zipped pockets to hold all of today’s modern devices. Saddler has a wide range of bags, from coin purses to messenger bags; there is a size and style to meet everyone’s needs.

These bags are quite appealing to women because of their design, but also because of how practical the bags are for today’s busy life style. Saddler’s high style and high quality mentality towards making their products can be seen on the arms of women throughout the world.

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