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Any woman looking for a contemporary handbag like no other will like the ones made by Fuzzy Nation. And not only are the bags by this company highly unique, but they could even be described as quirky. That’s because all their bags are dog themed, which explains the name: Fuzzy Nation.

But just because the bags are dog themed, don’t think that they’re the tacky kind found in discount stores all throughout the nation. And don’t think that they’re childish either. These bags are very sophisticated and artfully combine tactile prints like tweed and plaid. The end result is adorable puppies that make the perfect sassy accessory for any woman willing to have a little fun with her accessories. Plus you’ll be sure to turn some heads with these adorable canine arm candies. You’ll definitely get admiring glances everywhere you go. Don’t be surprised if you’re stopped and asked where you got such a great little canine purse.

What to know when buying Fuzzy Nation handbags

Fuzzy Nation handbags come in your choice of a posh Pug, and adorable Chihuahua, cutesy Boston or sweet Dachshund. These cut little dogs are just waiting to be loved and worn.

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Fuzzy Nation Chihuahua Plaid Berry

Fuzzy Nation Chihuahua Plaid Berry

Chihuahua Plaid Berry
This Fuzzy Nation Chihuahua plaid berry handbag pairs bold colors with traditional plaid in the shape of this adorable diminutive dog. The result is a whimsical creation that will definitely get onlookers’ attention. A bit goth, a bit latin, this handbag can not be easily pegged. Perfect …

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Fuzzy Nation Dachshund Warm Paisley

Fuzzy Nation Dachshund Warm Paisley

Dachshund Warm Paisley
The Fuzzy Nation’s warm paisley dachshund handbag combines a lovely fabric with a beautiful dog to make a handbag that is not simply utilitarian but a portable piece of art. Its earth tones mirror the luxurious colouring of the canine itself, as well as being very wearable …

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Pug ‘A Rose is a Rose’ Fuzzy Nation bag

Pug A Rose is a Rose Fuzzy Nation bag

Pug ‘A Rose is a Rose’ bag
The Fuzzy Nation “A Rose is a Rose” Pug handbag is a fun and whimsical creation. The pretty floral design makes it girly, while the unique Pug shape allows you to bring your pet wherever you go. The face is surprisingly realistic, while …

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Fuzzy Nation Pug Blue Paisley handbag

Fuzzy Nation Pug Blue Paisley handbag

Pug Blue Paisley handbag
The Fuzzy Nation Pug Blue Paisley bag is adorable. The lovely colour works well with denim. Surprisingly realistic navy and red face, with deep dark eyes that seem to look straight at you. It wears an adorable dog bone collar in gold. The dog’s legs can …

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Fuzzy Nation Boston Houndstooth Bag

Fuzzy Nation Boston Houndstooth Bag

Boston Houndstooth Bag
Fuzzy Nation’s Boston Houndstooth shoulder bag is a unique mixture of a cute dog shape of a Boston in stunning Houndstooth. The vinyl strap is detachable. The pouch compartment is in the body of the dog with fine silk lining and a top zip closure. Fuzzy Nation’s …

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Fuzzy Nation Pug Green Tweed

Fuzzy Nation Pug Green Tweed

Fuzzy Nation Pug Green Tweed
Fuzzy Nation specializes in pooch purses for the avid female dog lover. It’s motto is “forget men—dogs are a women’s best friend!” Packed with personality, the Pug Green tweed shoulder bag allows you to annouce your love for your canine companions to the world by …

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