Fashion should not be about sacrifice, especially when it comes to the well being of our planet, and Fizbag agrees whole heartedly.
Amanda Overland started her line of reusable shopping bags in 2007 and has not used a plastic bag since.

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Her team works to keep Fizbag fresh and popular, and does all this successfully without ever leaving the house.

Fizbags are stylish and exciting, but practical for everyday use. Buying a product for the overall health of the earth does not mean having to set your personal style aside. They are available in a handheld style and a shoulder bag design, both in a compact pouch. Unfolded, the Fizbags are one third larger than a regular plastic bag but hold up into a pouch about the size of a mobile phone. Keep a few handy in your purse, ready to pull out when running errands. They also free up that space where many people hold on to plastic bags in a small attempt to do their part for the environment. Do a larger part and cut them from your life altogether!

Regular plastic bags cause great danger to the environment; they sit in landfills longer than anyone wants to mention, and when above ground they put animals’ lives in jeopardy. This was Overland’s motivation to build a handbag around the philosophy of reusable bags for life. Fizbags fulfil their duty with a chic edge. Show off your great taste and spread the word of conservation with a Fizbag of your own.

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