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If there is one bag that can hold all your essentials and still add volumes to your image and style, it is the coach handbags.
Even with the ever changing fashion trends you can comfortably use a coach handbag and they may last almost your lifetime. Coach handbags are quite expensive ranging from anywhere between £100 and £400 but the designer price is worth it in terms of quality.

What to know when buying Coach Handbags

Coach, an all American company was started in 1941 from a Manhattan loft. The skill of designing goods in leather was handed down from generations. The initial artisans at Coach were fascinated by the characteristics of the leather used in baseball gloves and employed the concept in making designer handbags. This standard is still being followed today and the Coach Handbag tradition is ingrained with the tanned leather of the gloves. They started with a humble beginning of 12 bags, each a unique and classical piece and perfectly balanced presentation. The tradition is still being maintained except for minor variations according to fashion. A Coach Handbag is very much like a woman’s signature perfume. Known for consistency in design that creates a distinctive look, a Coach handbag makes a woman look classy, elegant and stylish. Consistency has been the keyword for the Coach Company and the texture, color and quality of the leather along with stitching has been well maintained. This is what makes it easy to spot a fake. Simply hold the handbag in your hands and you can easily recognize the stable quality in every part and every piece of the handbag, inside as well as outside.

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