Every girl has been there. She is decked out in a perfectly coordinated outfit, but as she is about to toss her cell phone and keys in her purse, her heart skips a beat.
The shoes, the hat, and even the mobile phone cover all compliment each other flawlessly, but the purse clashes, destroying all her hard work.

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Then Kathy Robinson came along to the rescue of purse carrying women everywhere with the invention of the Chameleon. It all started with a similar scenario in her personal life. Robinson was late for a lunch date and did not have the time to transfer her items out of her dressy purse from the night before to match the jeans, sneakers, and sweater. Even if she had the time to make the transfer, the risk of forgetting a necessity or throwing it in haphazardly would only hold her up later. Immediately she went to work on creating the Chameleon.

The classic and conveniently designed purse allows the owner to always keep one neatly organized purse insert while the appearance changes in seconds, hence the name of Chameleon. Pockets are designed to hold cell phones, notebooks, and lipstick. Even the innards of the purse can be reversed depending on whether the user wants the pockets on the outside or inside. Several styles of the purse body are available, such as a floppy bag, a small handbag, and even a diaper bag. After the style has been decided on, the real fun begins. The chameleon is available in neutral colours, such as beige and black, but for the girl that wants to be noticed, try hot pink or lime.

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