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Plaid-trimmed designer handbags and raincoats is what the British luxury-goods seller Burberry is best known for. These products are so well known that they’ve become icons of fashion on Fifth Avenue. Even those who may not necessarily recognize the company’s name will have seen the company’s red, camel, black and white checked trademark plaid pattern. It’s been used for everything from coats to scarves to umbrellas and the most exclusive designer handbags.

The company was founded by Thomas Burberry, the man best-known for inventing gaberdine in 1879. Gaberdine is a special breathable fabric made out of pre-waterproofed yarn so that it’s water resistant and durable. It’s the perfect fabric for making outdoor wear, so it’s not too surprising the company’s made clients in the 1800s and 1900s were sportsmen and soldiers.

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In 1967 the Burberry began using gabardine to make luggage, scarves and umbrellas. In the 1980s retails stores selling Burberry products opened in numerous places in the United States. Today the company also makes gloves, outerwear, home furnishings, fragrances, footwear, handbags, purses, and clothing lines for men, women and children. Burberry handbags have been seen on celebrities such as Selma Blair, Prince William and Martha Stewart. Supermodel Kate Moss was also seen wearing a Burberry eye-popping plaid bikini.

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