Which handbag to bring to a job interview?

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When you are going to a job interview it is important to carefully consider all aspects of your outfit and your appearance, and your handbag is no exception to that rule. You should put as much thought into the type of handbag you carry at a job interview as you …

How to Make a Leather Handbag Look Like New Again

Images used as illustration purposes - Results may vary

Images used as illustration purposes only - Results may vary!

Leather handbags carry more than just cosmetics, day planners, and phones; they also carry an essence of glamour and class. It is important to maintain the look through regular upkeep with a leather cream that prevents fading and cracking. If, …

How to tell whether your new handbag is counterfeit


You really want the latest designer handbag. You have seen it in ads and in the high-end department stores. You wait and wait for it to go on sale. Then one day you spot it at your local flea market or a sidewalk vendor. The price is 75% or more …