Totes are large purses that are designed to carry larger, everyday items including books, magazines, gym clothes, or beach wear.
The word tote originated back in the 17th century and meant ‘to carry’. Although a fashion trend of recent times, tote bags are similar to the use of backpacks back in ancient times.

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Hunters were looking for easy ways to transport their weapons and prey. They did just this by dumping everything into a large backpack. Over time, these bags have gained a trendier look and during the 1900’s gained the name of tote bags.
Tote bags are quite popular nowadays because of their practical design and durability. Totes are generally made from vinyl, mesh, nylon, or canvas, making them affordable for just about anyone. Totes are usually simplistic in their design with few compartments. If anything, totes are broken down into zippered sections. Because the appeal of totes is to be able to easily dump everything into one sturdy bag, totes are used for a variety of occasions. One day you can use your tote to visit the beach with, while the next day you can use your tote for school.
Personalization is very popular with totes, and doing this sets your tote apart from others. Having your name or initials embroidered onto a tote are some of the most common ways to personalize your bag. Because of their simple design, totes are also easy to make on your own. With some of their popular uses being for outdoors and camping, many people enjoy making their totes from recycled materials and reusing them for grocery bags.

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