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Shoulder bags are large purses that are carried over the shoulder using a large strap. They originated back in the 1950’s in New York City.
Shoulder bags were referred to as messenger bags and used by telephone linemen. When these workers would climb up telephone poles, they would use their messenger bags to carry important tools at an easy reach.

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The idea quickly caught on, and during the 1970’s, bicycle messengers would use these bags to deliver newspapers.
During the 1980’s, these shoulder bags became quite popular amongst everyday people. Most importantly, because of these bags being used by men workers, shoulder bags became a popular trend for men as well as women. Shoulder bags still remain the only ‘purse’ accepted as a men’s fashion trend.
The appeal to shoulder bags is that they can carry just about anything, making them more practical than the traditional purse. Their rugged, waterproof material makes them strong and durable. They can carry larger and heavier objects, such as laptops, and have smaller pockets for cell phones, wallets, and makeup.
Shoulder bags stand apart from each other because of their clever, innovative designs. Some are designed with college students in mind, while others are for the sleek businessman. Just like purses, shoulder bags come in a variety of designs and price ranges to match individual needs. Whichever design you choose, expect your shoulder bag to be well-built, trendy, and come with an adjustable strap. These features make shoulder bags a comfortable solution to carrying around more than just small, everyday items.

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