Throughout the 1980’s, Steve Sun and his wife worked in the fashion industry and had a strong passion for designing watches.

Together, they believed that a watch should be a stylish accessory and should accent your outfit; therefore more than one watch would be necessary. Because of their past experience in the fashion industry, Mr. And Mrs. Sun’s attention to trends could be seen in his unique watch sketches. Not many factories wanted to take on this daunting task of creating these anything but ordinary watches.

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Steven Sun began to get involved the changing the process of how watches were in made in order to have his unique line of watches be produced. As a result, in 1989 Steve Sun began the stylish and trendy Storm product line.

Today, Storm is a global retailer of many products such as: fragrances, wallets, watches and of course handbags. Based in London, Storm products are now sold in over forty-five countries around the world.

Their handbag line is quite original with their designs, making each bag both contemporary and unique. The detailing on each handbag is quite remarkable, from the use of buckles to studs; these handbags are appealing to a variety of women.

At the same time, these handbags are quite functional because the needs of today’s modern woman are kept in mind during the design process. Pockets for mobile phones and inner zip pockets for essentials make Storm handbags quite practical. Storm offers: clutch bags, oversize cross body handbags, shoulder bags, and tote bags, just to name a few.
Because of the wide range of different style bags Storm offers, there is a style of Storm bags to fit just about everybody’s needs.

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