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Charlotte Reid purses have earned their notoriety.
They are made from a realistic looking synthetic leather and stunning metal trims. As one of the fastest growing fashion brands in the UK, Charlotte Reid purses combine style with functionality.

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Choose from one of the many handbags available from Charlotte Reid. Whether you are looking for an evening bag that will compliment your ensemble or a fashionable purse that will accommodate any day’s outfit, Charlotte Reid delivers. The leather adds prestige while the metal accents give your accessory a slight edge without an overbearing attitude.

Charlotte Reid offers more than the typical purse; it also caters to the business women, world traveller, and chic student. Briefcases, laptop messengers, and cases for palm pilots and portfolios add elegance and class to the rigid and hectic lifestyle in the business world. The travel handbag contains many compartments for easy storage with enough space for it to become the perfect carry-on. Don’t stop there. Charlotte Reid offers a whole line of luggage including hand luggage and two or four wheeled luggage. Even your passport can travel in style with a Charlotte Reid holder. Walk into class with the confident manner holding a Charlotte Reid backpack or duffle bag. Complete any look or necessity with a Charlotte Reid key or credit card holder and a coin purse.

Just as no feature or lifestyle is overlooked, neither is gender. Men can enjoy the exquisite Charlotte Reid products with a gentlemen’s wallet or briefcase. With the numerous styles and colours available in the messenger bags, backpacks, and luggage, men can be more than presentable without the feminine touch.

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