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Anyone who likes a company with a long and distinguished history will appreciate Braun Buffel bags. The company currently designs and manufactures a variety of quality leather products for men and women like purses, wallets, key cases, belts, travel bags, laptop bags, briefcases, document/portfolio bags and shoulder and handbags. But the company didn’t start out making that many products.

Braun Buffel bags history goes back to 1887 when found Johann Braun decided to create and sell innovative leather products that were superbly crafted. His focus was making quality purses, school satchels and carrier bags. He worked on these designs in his spare time while his trade was master saddler and upholsterer in the German industrial leather town of Kirn.

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Johann Braun choose what some consider the most idyllic and inspirational spots in Kirn to open his first workshop in July 1887. This shop opened at Eierhöchen. It was shortly after the workshop opened that Johann created the symbol for his company that has come to symbolize quality leather products.

The symbol of Braun Buffel bags is the bull which was chosen to represent solidness and strength. The brand has lived up to this image by continuing to design leather products that are durable and dependable. It is also a distinctive symbol that is recognizable worldwide.

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