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Since 1985 Anne Taintor has been creating a variety of products for women with an old-school charm.
A Harvard graduate, with a degree in Visual and Environmental Studies, Taintor wanted to find a way to spend more time with her daughter. Her cartography job was keeping her away from her baby girl for too long. So, Taintor started to create her own line of designs.

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She decided to combine vintage images with modern humour, based on what she thought the person in the picture might be thinking. Based on the great reception these products received, her comedic and artistic insight proved to be dead on. Anne Taintor currently resides in a small town in New Mexico. This is where she produces the expansive line of products that feature a meshing of vintage photography and contemporary humour.

Anne Taintor offers a selection of thirty different coin purses and cosmetic bags. The stylish and fun cosmetic bags, featuring hilarious one-liners, are a great way to travel with your makeup. Whether you are going to a friend’s house for the weekend or headed to another country for a week, these cute and cheeky bags are the perfect carry-a-long. To further accessorize yourself, you can select one of the many adorable coin purses available. They are a great way to keep your chain organized and the sayings on them are bound to start a conversation or two. Anne Taintor has been specializing in stylish accessories for over twenty years. These high-quality products can help improve your style today.

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