While the rest of the world was suffering a bit of an economic depression – worse in some countires than others – Abro was just making it appearance into the world of fashion. The company was founded in the 1930s by the grandparents of the current directors, Achim and Stefan Bruder.

Abro is a family-owned company that is currently run by the third generation of Bruders. The company started out as a small belt factory in Rodgau. Soon it supplemented its small product range with quality leather handbags. In the 1950s the second generation took over running the business. In 1995 the current generation took over management.

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The modern Abro keeps a tighter watch on new trends than it ever did previously. This means that every new line of Abro bags, released each season, has a distinct feeling for the latest fashion. Bags are stylish and belts are unique and fashionable.

Abro bags are designed to look fashionable but yet be fully functional. In order to get this balance, Abro bags are made out of only the finest quality leathers. Any fashionable woman is sure to love Abro bags.

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